Example of a Swirly Shirt (Turbo)

The Swirly Shirt is a shirt that is available from the start when you customize your character, from drops, pet treasures or can be bought from the coin shop. They come in all sorts of colours they are as follows;

Icy, Mahogony, Blizzard, Berrybright, Forest, Rosepetal, Sunrise, Turbo, Amethyst, Honeydew, Mantis, Allspice, Stonesurf, Woodland, Midnight, Sapphire, Shadestone, Sandrift, Toasty, Commoner and Thunderbird.

Their resell value is 27 coins, while the original one resell vaule is 1 coin.

Where certain colours are available
Drops, etc. Berrybright Forest Mahogony Rosepetal Sunrise Turbo Woodland Icy Stonesurf
Coin Shop Amethyst Blizzard Honeydew Midnight Sapphire Shadestone Thunderbird
Both Allspice Commoner Mantis Sandrift Toasty